The new world of Datron Design – Wine Cooler furniture

The concept of wine living is expressed at its maximum splendor with the wine wall furniture, a new way of making wine the absolute protagonist and enhancing the spaces of your home with original, functional furnishings and Italian handcrafted design.

The dynamic and decomposed design of the wine walls furniture creates interlocking games and niches to contain your wine cooler, and all your favourite bottles, but also goblets, glasses and any accessory dedicated to wine and tasting.



- Meas. H.1840 x W.1520 x D.580 - kg. 85


- Meas. H.1340 x W.1050 x D.580 - kg. 55


It’s not only a simple wine cooler, not only a simple piece of furniture, but a new dedicated space in your home, capable of making you live daily emotions, enjoying a fine glass of wine or enhancing conviviality and sharing a good time with an excellent wine.

Each type of wine wall furniture offers a different concept and a modular space to adapt to your way of experiencing wine and life, in which the wine cooler will always be the protagonist of the composition.

Suspended walls, standing walls, minimal tetris compositions, the wine wall furniture all arise from a solid oak wood structure, resistant but flexible, allocated and suspended on modern laminated metal niche structures that create interlocking games enhancing the view of your bottles and leaving you the design of the surrounding furniture, minimal or full of accessories.

Choose the wine wall furniture of your dreams.

Choose your favourite wine cooler to create the perfect space for you.

All you have to do is create and design your unique and personal Wine Wall concept.