Wine finds new living spaces

With the shelving units, wine gains new spaces as a protagonist in every home. Enjoying a good bottle of wine while sitting comfortably in your home, has become an essential moment in life. The Datron shelving unit for wine coolers creates your perfect corner to enjoy the taste, but also the view of your wine collection. Environments dedicated not only to the positioning of the bottles, but entire living areas for your food and wine rituals.


Shelving Units for wine coolers, practicality and design

With the wine cooler shelves, you have everything you need at your fingertips to enjoy a good glass of wine combined with the great taste of design. A minimal and versatile ally that can be equipped with wine coolers and accessories to best preserve each bottle of wine and taste it with conviviality.

The shelving unit contains up to three vertical wine coolers, presented as an elegant design work ready to be placed in your favourite living space. It becomes a versatile furnishing solution and a perfect bar corner too.

Shelving Units for wine coolers, style and customization

The shelving units for wine coolers have a treated iron structure with wooden shelves that adapt perfectly to any style of furniture, from the most classic to the most modern.
The shelving units can also be customized according to the wine coolers to be inserted or the spaces you’ll need, with an elegant glass holder and with lots of other solutions dedicated to wine tastings and to create an exclusive atmosphere.